Camella Celebrates 15 Formidable Years in Bacolod City

Discover why Bacolod is consistently ranked among the best places to live in the Philippines. Camella has been an integral part of this thriving city since 2008, providing strategic residential developments that connect you to the heart of Bacolod.

There is a reason why charming is the adjective often used to describe this verdant land. A place where the brightness of colorful masks is eclipsed only by smiles of the people wearing it, where food is a party in every bite, and where clean and green is not a slogan but a way of life.

It is no surprise that Bacolod has been ranked in the past as one of the Best Places to Live in the Philippines and is part of the list of Next Wave Cities. 

Camella has been part of the city’s growth since 2008. Celebrating its quindecennial anniversary, Camella remains deeply ensconced in the heart of Bacolod City – providing the strategically located residential developments for the Negrense within its communities and vertical development. 

Camella Bacolod North: All it takes is one step and the throbbing city is laid out before one’s eyes.

Camella Bacolod North : Close to the Heart of the City

The property’s main entrance gate opens up to the Cordova-Buri Road. All it takes is one step and the throbbing city is laid out before one’s eyes. Camella Bacolod North is near the City Hall where major establishments are clustered.

Also nearby are schools such as the University of St. La Salle-Bacolod, and Colegio de San Agustin-Bacolod, as well as hospitals, and churches. BPO hubs are within the vicinity. For leisurely pursuits, major malls are close by, including Vista Mall. 

Its north entrance gate opens to the Bata circumferential road, enjoying additional access to the fastest routes in and out of Bacolod. The  gate is situated close to the North Terminal where one can take a public transport going to Silay, Talisay and other key cities in Negros Occidental.

Camella Bacolod South : A Statement of Privilege

Camella Bacolod South is especially designed to emulate the Mediterranean feel in a master planned community. The development spans 44 hectares of prime development envisioned to be one of the important urban centers in Bacolod City. 

With modern conveniences that complement an upbeat lifestyle, Camella Bacolod South is a statement of privilege, a graciousness of home and family inspired by the benevolent nature of the Negrenses. Mixing functionality with charm, model homes vary to suit the homeownersstyle preference and resources.

Olvera by Vista Land: Modern conveniences necessary to live the upbeat lifestyle of Negrenses.

Olvera by Vista Land : A  Place of Distinction and a Prime Investment

This five-tower village takes full advantage of the dynamism and charm of Bacolod City. Perched on one-hectare property where the bustle of a booming city meets the gentle elegance the people of Bacolod is known for, Olvera has much to offer those looking for either ready-to-move-in homes or ready-to-run business places.

This mid-rise community comes replete with modern conveniences necessary to live the upbeat lifestyle the Negrenses have always aspired for.

The developments of Camella perfectly complement  the urban lifestyle of the modern Bacolod City.  It offers a safe haven for starting families, young  professionals, and empty-nesters. Designed with contemporary architecture and master planned to maximize open spaces, the projects aim to create  communities that encourage neighborly interactions while still ensuring privacy. 

It has been an amazing 15 years in Bacolod,” said Henny Elman, Marketing  Head for Visayas. It’s been exciting to not merely stand as a witness but to contribute to the growth of the city into an urban hub by offering quality homes and vertical residences to a population that is evolving and taking its rightful place in the emerging modern economy. We look forward not only to the next 15 years but far beyond it.”

Learn about the Camella properties in Bacolod. Visit and follow @CamellaOfficiial on social media.

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  2. Wow! This is interesting. I have never been to the Philippines but this sounds like a place I’d like to visit. I’ll add it to my bucket list.

  3. Karletta says:

    The city looks beautifully planned and surrounded with lots of green space which is lovely. I’m hoping to visit the Philippines soon. The trip is long overdue.

  4. Kudos on the celebratory piece about Camella’s 15 years in Bacolod City! Your description of their formidable journey is inspiring. It’s wonderful to see such milestones being acknowledged. Thanks for sharing this noteworthy achievement with enthusiasm. 🎉🏡🥳

  5. Heather k says:

    I’ve never heard of this city before. How lovely it looks and sounds. Thanks for introducing me to it’s uniqueness.

  6. Wow, it’s truly inspiring to hear about the progress and development that Bacolod has undergone over the past 15 years. It’s even more impressive to know that you, Henny Elman, and your team at Visayas have played a crucial role in contributing to the city’s growth by providing quality homes and vertical residences to its evolving population. I’m excited to see what the future holds for Bacolod and the impact that the Visayas will continue to have on its urban landscape. Here’s to a bright and prosperous future!

  7. Wow, 15 formidable years! That is a huge success. I hope they keep doing what they do to serve.

  8. Alita says:

    Such milestones are worth grand celebrations! Cheers to more years with Camella

  9. Looks like a fun place to visit. Never been to the Philippines but it seems like it would be in interesting.

  10. That’s amazing Camella has celebrated 15 years. Definitely, a reason to celebrate!

  11. Nikki Wayne says:

    Wow! 15 years! That’s awesome and it really needs to be celebrated!

  12. Zab Zaria says:

    It is certainly worthy of a grand celebration to reach such a milestone! Many more years Camella!

  13. This does sound like a wonderful place to live. It looks like a wonderful community to be in.

  14. Ebony says:

    I have family that lives not too far from this area that’s thinking of moving! I will have to tell them to visit Camella Bacolod North! Charming looking area.

  15. Sydney says:

    I’ve always wanted to travel to the Philippines! Will save this page for planning.

  16. Ooohhhh….this is very nice to know about! 15 years of developing landscapes like this is no mean feat! I look forward to seeing all the future developments that will be done here!

  17. kushigalu says:

    What a beautiful and great place to live in. Thanks for sharing this post. Pinned.

  18. Wow, this is so pretty, never been to this place before but would love to go there. Happy 15 years and it’s a beautiful place.

  19. Amazing milestone, this is amazing….I’ve never been to the Philippines, I would love to explore this gorgeous country…

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