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SSS Disbursement Account / Steps in My.SSS Enrollment

Are you planning to file for a SSS Benefit? Or you want to avail of the SSS Salary or Calamity loan? You must enroll your SSS disbursement account or e-wallet to My.SSS portal correctly so that the proceeds of your benefits or loans will be credited to your registered account without any problems or delays.

If you are a UMID-ATM cardholder, there is no need for online enrollment. SSS will automatically deposit the funds from your benefits or loan into your UMID-ATM card.

How to enroll your SSS disbursement account?

The SSS disbursement account enrollment is done in six easy steps:
  1. Open your My.SSS account here;
  2. Click the E-Services > Disbursement Account Enrollment Module (DAEM);


  3. Read the reminders on account enrollment and tick the box to signify that you understood the provisions > Proceed;


  4. Select an enrollment option (either Bank or E-wallet) and fill up the required fields correctly. (Tip: Uploaded supporting documents must contain your account name, account number, and bank name, including e-wallets such as Gcash);


  5. Tick the box to express  your agreement to the Data Collection and Usage clause > Enroll disbursement account; (Tip: Double-checked the encoded information before clicking “Enroll Disbursement Account.” to avoid delays in crediting your benefit or loan proceeds);
  6. Check your email for an acknowledgment letter from SSS and another letter informing you of the approval or disapproval of your enrollment request.

Additional Notes:

  1. The enrolled bank account and mobile number are valid and active to avoid payment delays;
  2. In case of incorrect disbursement account details, re-crediting your benefit or loan proceeds may take up to 30 days upon correction of the account details.
  3. SSS will only credit the loan proceeds to the member’s enrolled PESONet-participating bank account.

Final thoughts

I encourage members to familiarize themselves with the DAEM and other SSS online services. Members have better access to the online services.  Thus, making their transactions faster, especially when applying for SSS benefits and loans.
After all, that is really what the institution would like to achieve when they shifted to online services through their slogan, ExpreSSS – “mas pinadali,” “mas pinasimple,” and “mas pinabilis” for all stakeholders.
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