How to Create an eAFS Account and Upload BIR Documents in eAFS (2022)

The fight to stop the pandemic isn’t over yet.   While most of the alert levels were lowered by the government, we still need to wear masks, avoid mass gatherings, and maintain social distancing.

It’s tax season now. With the anticipated volume of taxpayers gathering at their respective Regional District Office (RDO) on the deadline of tax filing, there is a probability that another may infect some.

So, the Bureau of Internal Revenue deemed it necessary to allow the taxpayers to submit the Audited Financial Statements and other attachments online via the eAFS portal.

This way, taxpayers will not have to go to the BIR Office to have their ITR, SMR, and other BIR forms stamped “RECEIVED BY,” thus, contamination is avoided.

What is an Electronic Audited Financial Statement (eAFS)

eAFS is an online facility of BIR that enables taxpayers to submit their tax returns and attachments on time in the comfort of their  homes.  Taxpayers don’t have to personally go to BIR  to have their tax returns stamped  “Received by”.

How to Create an eAFS account?

  1. Click the eAFS icon found on the BIR homepage.
  2. Tick the ‘Not Registered” button to create an account;
  3. Fill in the information as it appears on the screen and  follow the naming convention of the Registered Name and the password policy;
  4. Hit the “Submit” button;
  5. Go to your registered email and click the activation link;


How to Upload a document to eAFS

  1. Go back to the eAFS and log in with your new account credentials;
  1. Click “File Upload” at the upper left of the main screen;
  1. You can upload these files and follow the file’s naming convention:
Forms Naming Convention
Income Tax Return (ITR) EAFSxxxxxxxxxITRTY2021.pdf
Audited Financial Statements (AFS) EAFSxxxxxxxxxAFSTY2021.pdf
Form 1709 (RPT) EAFSxxxxxxxxxRPTTY2021.pdf
Others (OTH) EAFSxxxxxxxxxOTHTY2021.pdf
Tax Credit (TCR) EAFSxxxxxxxxXTCRTY2021-XX.pdf

Note:  where “xxxxxxxxx” is the taxpayer’s TIN /  for Tax Credit, where xx is a two-digit number  from 01-99

  1. When you have finished uploading all the documents, click “SUBMIT”;
  1. Click “Accept” on The Statement of Undertaking to proceed;
  1. Go over to your inbox and print BIR’s message indicating they have successfully received your attachments. eAFS

Final Thoughts

This new process of filing the ITR online is relevant at this time, more than ever. We highly urge you to support this project as we face life in the new normal

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