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Grow Your Retirement Funds:  Join Pag-IBIG Today

Dreaming of homeownership? Find out how becoming a Pag-IBIG member can make it a reality.

Becoming a Pag-IBIG member opens the door to a world of financial opportunities tailored to your needs. It’s not just about savings; it’s about securing your future.

With Pag-IBIG, you can easily save and borrow, making your financial goals easier to reach. Whether you dream of owning your own home, starting a business or simply securing a comfortable retirement, Pag-IBIG has your back.

Discover the benefits that await you as a Pag-IBIG member.

Pag-IBIG members

Affordable home ownership

As a member of Pag-IBIG, you have access to housing loans with low interest rates. Whether you dream of a cozy apartment or a spacious house, Pag-IBIG can help you make home ownership a reality.  Pag-IBIG members can borrow up to six million at a very low interest rate and under the most favorable terms.

Retirement savings

Are you planning to enjoy retirement in a few years? Pag-IBIG is the perfect partner. Your contributions accumulate over time and form a reliable retirement fund. This ensures you have a steady income to support your lifestyle. In addition to the mandatory Regular Savings, you can invest in Modified Pagibig II (MP2), a special voluntary savings with a maturity of 5 years and get a higher dividend.

Short-term loans -Calamity and Multi-purpose loan

When you need financial support, Pag-IBIG offers short-term loans for various needs, including emergencies or business investments. It’s like a safety net for your financial well-being. Members can borrow up to 80% of their regular Pagibig savings.

Dividends and savings

Who doesn’t love a little extra cash? Pag-IBIG invests your contributions wisely and you get a share of the profits through annual dividends. This means your money is working for you while you’re enjoying your favorite pets.

Pag-IBIG member

Pag-IBIG Loyalty Card Plus

With the launch of Pag-IBIG Loyalty Card Plus, which can be used as a cash card, members can enjoy its benefits such as exclusive discounts and rewards on your grocery purchases, school fees, hospital bills, fuel expenses, restaurant bills and many more. from its partner facilities across the country.

Pag-IBIG is your way to financial security

Being a Pag-IBIG member will put you on the path to financial security, whether you’re planning for retirement, expanding your business, or pursuing other life goals. It’s like a well-brewed cup of coffee – comforting, reliable and essential.

Financial planning doesn’t have to be complicated. Pag-IBIG makes it easy for you and ensures that you can enjoy the fruits of your labor without unnecessary worries.

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  1. Stephanie says:

    I wish I had read this article years ago as I’m not as prepared as I would like to be for retirement – but it’s never too late to start. Thanks for the review on Pag-IBIG and I will be checking them out.

  2. This seems like a good all-in-one solution for money and asset management. One of my goals before the year is over is to come up with better ways to manage and grow my finances. Will definitely look more into this, thank you.

  3. I’ve heard about Pag-IBIG before, I think it is a brilliant idea and would for sure help…I love the idea of securing retirement fund from early on.

  4. This article about Pag-IBIG is extremely useful. I think it will help me in the coming years.

  5. As I am close to my mid-thirties, I think its time to start saving for retirement. This was a great guide. Thank you so much.

  6. This is cool, first time to know about this but it seems it will be helpful. Will make sure to tell my friend about this.

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