Capture Stunning Photos at the House of Benedict, Pattaya, Thailand

Discover the magic of House of Benedict in Pattaya, Thailand! From jungle adventures to tropical vibes, every corner is a photo op waiting to happen.

If you find yourself exploring the vibrant seaside city of Pattaya, Thailand, there’s one hidden gem that should be at the top of your must-visit list – House of Benedict.

This massive and mind-bending structure has quickly become a beloved destination for foodies and adventurous spirits alike, offering an extra ordinary dining experience.

As soon as you go through the entrance, it’s like you’ve been taken to an amazing make-believe place where anything is possible.

House of Benedict
The fun magic trip begins at the door to the House of Benedict.

The Cool and Magical of House of Benedict

Right away, you’ll see something really cool and magical – there are suitcases all around, like they’re waiting to take you on an adventure to a totally new and exciting world full of fun ideas and surprises.

When you go inside the house, you will be amazed by how the place is built. On the ground floor, there is a long path that makes you feel like you are in an Amazon jungle. You will see a life-size statue of a crocodile with its mouth wide open, looking like it wants to eat people.

House of Benedict
The House of Benedict makes your dream trip come true.

If you keep walking, you will find a boat floating on a pretend river they made. This is the perfect spot to take really cool photos for your Instagram. The jungle scene with the crocodile and boat is so creative and different.

On the far right side, there are small restaurants and food shops. After walking around and exploring the whole place, you can stop here to eat and drink some Thai coffee and other Thai classics. It’s a good spot to take a break and re-energize.

House of Benedict
This a perfect spot to take a lot of stunning photos.

Upstairs is a room made to look like a hospital ward, with beds and straps, but it’s  a cafe. In this area, there’s also a photo gallery and a walkway decorated with dried leaves, like an island path. The coolest part is the big carousel with surfboards on the walls, making it feel like you’re on a tropical vacation.

House of Benedict
This room on the second floor looks like a mental health facility at first. But when you look closer, it’s really just a cafe.

Full of Surprises

House of Benedict is full of surprises. One moment, you feel like you’re in a jungle. The next, you find yourself in a room that looks like a mental health clinic. Then, with a blink of an eye, you’re relaxing on a sunny beach, enjoying the vacation of your dreams.

It’s all about letting your imagination run wild and having a great time in this unique spot. After exploring, you’ll really feel “Lost in Paradise.”

Visit House of Benedict at 91 10 Moo 1 Tambon Na Chom Thian, Amphoe Sttahip Chonburi 20150.

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  1. karen says:

    I’ve been to Pattaya a few years ago and LOVED IT!!! Such an amazing city, gorgeous and so much fun.

    1. Agree. So many beaches and cafes to visit.

      1. What a cafe!!! Why the theme???

        1. Hi Carol. Its a weird thing. Where can you see a mental health facility that turns out to be a cafe. .

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