Travel Tipid Tricks: Guimaras Tour on a Budget

Guimaras Tour / Spontaneous, budget-friendly trips can be the most fun and memorable travel experiences. This was the case when the accounting department of South Bacolod General Hospital and Medical Center took an impromptu road trip to Guimaras Island. As part of the hospital’s work-life balance program, the annual summer outing was planned with just a …

balsa boat
Food, Travel

Experience Gastronomic Delight and Nature’s Beauty at Balsa Boat River Cruise and Floating Restaurant

Balsa boat / If you are a tourist and have traveled to Bohol City, I guess you never missed eating lunch or dinner while traversing the Loboc River on a boat. Well, there is a local version of this dining innovation they aptly called the Balsa River Cruise. The idea is the same – to …


Christmas Firework Display 2019: Talisay City New Year Countdown

Christmas Firework Display / For Filipino families, aside from the extended celebration of Christmas, spending the New Year with loved ones is eagerly awaited by everyone. To add a more festive mode of the yearly celebration, every January 1, Talisaynons are treated to spectacular heavenly sights – the firework display. For almost 30 minutes, Talisaynons …

brewedery cafe

Brewedery Cafe: The New Eat Place in Talisay City

Talisay City is fast becoming the center of economic activities recently.  Suppose one is traveling from the north going to Bacolod City.  In that case, one will notice two new buildings – the newly opened Toyota Bacolod and the ongoing construction of the Hino Motors building along the national road of Talisay City. Real Estate …

Lakawon Island Resort
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Lakawon Island Resort and Spa: A dog-friendly Paradise

We always love to travel, discover new places, eat at new local restaurants, and see places we have never been. We observe people, notice their way of life, enjoy the new sights, get to know friendly people, and even invent stories based on their looks, clothing, and what they are doing.    Traveling is enriching, soul-searching, …